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Tom's True Story

Tom - Vocals, Lyrics, Music, Backing Vocals and Psychoanalysis
Israel Waldman - Producer, Lyrics, Music, Vocals, All Guitars, Neurosis and further Psychoanalysis
Yoav Meyrav - Bass, Backing Vocals, Useless Ideas, Unimportant Theories and Unspeakable Speechacts
Roy Pfeffer - Drums, Percussion, Punctuation and Precaution (also the long awaited Coolman in the band)
Roy Shtufler - Keyboards, Piano, Programming and Judaika

This is a truely different story. Call it old fashioned - but this is an example of people who actually work to get their music done. One who might try to get a glimps of a true - musician's life might find it in the characters of Irit and Israel Waldman.
Part time door to door sales people of art reproductions and full time musicians - they stretch extra percentage to the 24 hours normal people use - making music as a goal, not a means of...
They sound like nothing else, but somehow so familiar... you are sure you have already heard them even though you haven't.
The music demonstrates everything written above. The lyrics are in hebrew and english, but the tunes are cosmopolitical, sympathetic to all. A feminin voice which revives us of our childhood, and synthesizers that return us to our roots.
A classic musical couple - with all the cliches excluded. The music is for everyone who seeks the melodic because it sounds good and not just because it sells - - you will find it here.

For more details, ordering cds etc. please call us on the phone: 972-3-9314103
or send us an e-mail we'll be more than happy to hear from you.

Tom's True Story 1999

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