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Tom's True Story 

Welcome to the Tom's True Story home page. In the following pages you will find information on our albums and activities, including pictures of the members of the band and some samples of our music. 
Enjoy your stay, and come again!


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With Closed Eyes 
The first album, recorded 
between 87-92, combines 
melodic rock with naivity. 
The Ice Dream

The second album, in 
addition to the classic rock 
style the band used trance 
and ambient elements. 1996

No More Smiles

The third album remains 
the same band style, using 
acoustic instruments.  

The Fourth Album
    Coming Soon...
The Progressive Rock Ring
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For more details, ordering cds etc. please call us on the phone: 972-3-9314103
or send us an e-mail we'll be more than happy to hear from you.

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