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With Closed Eyes
The ships sail far away 
to the islands of dreams 
An imiginary wave 
puts you under covers - sleep now 

With eyes shut -  sleep 
my child - go and see 
Palaces of clouds 
princesses and angels 

There - time keeps in motion 
towards the unknown place 
and it covers the sun with the sea 
Let it rest too 


 Track list
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General Information
Track list: 
1. Child Song (Tom/Hamama - Waldman) 
2. The Morning Comes (Hamama) 
3. Flying (Tom/Babliki/Friedland - Waldman) 
4. Yali (Tom/Friedland/Hamam - Tom) 
5. Dani (Babliki/Weill - Babaliki) 
6. Tell Me (Tom/Hamama - Tom/Waldman 
7. Happy (Hamama) 
8. Keren (Tom/Waldman) 
9. Dream's End (Tom/Friedland/ Hamama - Tom/Waldman)
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 General Information

In this present point of musical activity, all the music that we have done in the past seems rather remote. The feeling is as if now we are in fact doing the right thing. However, while attempting to keep in touch with some kind of naivity which has left us - it is pleasant to  remember the making of  our first album, in which we had known nothing about standard or "normality" of practice. The album was made without any knowledge of "how to make it right" or order or build-up or what have you... everything seems to have went back and forth, from end to start. No ideals involved in this one save perhaps the aim to serve primate feeling.The recording took place between 1987-1992, when initial recordings took place as early as 1985-6.The time it took to record the song affected them and painted them in the colors of many years, whilst jealousy, devoutness and enthusiasm were the keys to the act of making music out of some strange feeling of an important destiny.
The musicians which were involved in the studio recordings were different from the ones that toured with us. We passed through The never ending task of recording the album along with Shmill Frankel on bass, Effi Shushani on keyboards and the Late Ilan Elias on drums. Ilan had died in a car accident a few months prior to the release of the album. During  the performances we were joined by Roy Shtufler on the keyboards, who despite his blindness was ready for the effort, and with whom we continue until this very day.

For more details, ordering cds etc. please call us on the phone: 972-3-9314103
or send us an e-mail we'll be more than happy to hear from you.

Tom's True  Story 1999

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