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The Ice Dream
Play me silence 
the chimes of understanding 
The heavy price of distance 
The numb feeling of escapes 

Play me the right path 
to proudly pass 
to let  the issue go 
or to pass it through in time 

The truth which was so safe 
was one along with you 
at the time it was seen 
since then - different 


Track list 
Song Samples
General Information
Track list: 
1. Waltz - Intro (Waldman) 
2. Waltz (Tom - Waldman) 
3. The Ice Dream (Gad/Tom - Tom) 
4. Harper (Tom - Waldman) 
5. Black Flag (Tom - Tom/Waldman) 
6. Rain (Babaliki) 
7. Intermission (Waldman) 
8. The Big Fishing Day: 
Pastoral 1 (Waldman) 
Sea Song (Tom) 
Pastoral 2 (Waldman) 
Cardboard For The First Night (Tom - Waldman) 
Closed Department (Waldman) 
Klimt's Cape (Waldman) 
Starlet (Tom - Waldman) 
Numb Feeling (Tom) 
Weekend's Sin (Tom) 
Cardboard For The Second Night (Tom - Wakdman) 
Pastoral 3 (Waldman) 
Closed Department- Vacation (Waldman) 
Chidren's Depatment - Toy Basement (Tom) 
Megaloman's Tears - Ego Shattering (Tom/Waldman) 
Jupiter Playing Alone In The Room (Jupiter) 
Song Samples (in Real Audio)


There are several complete songs from this album in mp3 format at the mp3 site. 
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(Note: It wasn't designed or approved by us, and we keep it just for the sound files. Please ignore the graphomanic gibberish.) 
Restricted Area
General Information
With "The Ice Dream" the feeling was of the need to check whether or not we communicate with the supermarket managers, and also the will to cling to a concept we decided on - a combination of trance effects and rhythms, along with melodic songs and of course the ‘insane act’ - the creation of a thread through  which all of the pieces are combined together in repeating motifs (and of course the orchestral finale sequence with "the tears of the megaloman" who fails to hear the hand claps in honor of his work...). Actually, there is also an ambient record hiding behind this record. It can be heard only when the instruments are silent.The record was recorded very intensively with a lot of buttons spinning and meters jumping about. We reached the target mark all exhausted and loony. It is no wonder why this album requires patience and attention.The recordings were joined by Roy Shtufler on keyboards and Yoav Meyrav on bass. Roy, the talented keyboardist, probing his way skillfully through the art of computerized recordings in his room-studio. Yoav, our bassist - A young and talented person who has over time turn into a good and close friend, and from which we have yet to part and only tightened our relationship. Yoav, an original guy and a fresh thinker, has brought a young and versitile spirit. We are no longer able to write a song without hearing what he has to say about it.

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Tom and The Real Story 1999

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