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Tom's True Story - News
Live Performance in 7.10.99 - Cancelled

We are very sorry to announce the cancellation of the upcoming performance due to the sudden death of Tom's father. We hope to reschedule a performance in short time.

News as of 15.9.99

1. We are very pleased to announce on the joining of Roy Pfeffer, our new drummer, to recording and preforming our new material. Roy brings with him a pleasant manner of working and cooperation - he is serious and pedantic. It seems now that we are one happy  family!

2. The work on our fourth album is currently under way, having already made initial recordings. The material was written between 1997-98, and the idea is to play it in a simple "rockish" fashion, whilst the aim is, instead of relying on arrangements and production (as we have in our first two albums), to play and grasp the best of our emotion - without letting the studio work, ideas or inventions ruin the immediate energy flowing from the words an music themselves.As a refreshing innovation, most of the lyrics were written (and are sung) by Israel, with Tom and Yoav aiding with backing vocals ("If you don’t sing with me, I’m not singing!" - Israel). This novelty is very colorful and exciting for all of us.With our brand new drummer, Roy Pfeffer, we have earned an extra shot of energy, which enriches us in his special, patient and naturally fit way.Israel’s lyrics are very straight-forward, and vary from the ‘psychadellic’ color which  characterized our previous albums. Our current ‘pragmatic’ aim is to enjoy some commercial success with our fifth album, but naturally happy if you helped it happen earlier than that. 

Former Updates

July 1999
We are currently working on our fourth album, currently titled *****. It will contain a much more basic and upfront style, with very personal lyrics, and songs by all the members of the band. It will be the first time that Israel will sing some of the tracks, and Yoav will provide some experimental backing vocals (he has never done this before). Current rehearsals mark a very intimate atmosphere, very focused and sometimes very emotional and even angry.
We are once again discovering ourselves as musicians and human beings, defining our identity through songs. This is an exciting new place to be in, and we are anxious to let you step inside our world, when the album is released.
We will try to provide audio samples to show the work in progress, and will be happy to hear from you words of advice and inspiration.

For more details, ordering cds etc. please call us on the phone: 972-3-9314103
or send us an e-mail.  we'll be more than happy to hear from you.

 Tom's True Story 1999

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