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No More Smiles
If we don't have a world 
in which time flows and refines  
which might give a reason to think 
it's possible to seek what is denied 

You don't get everything 
we are victims of fables 
just carry our burdens slowly 
we are ants after all  

Once again the daylight isn't bright 
and the dream are so calming 
maybe it will simply be better 
to exchange between these worlds 

I'm falling asleep into wakeness 
of my newly found life

 Track list 
Song Samples
General Information
Track list: 
1. Wandering (Tom - Waldman) 
2. Vincent (Tom - Waldman) 
3. A Cardboard for the Night (Tom - Waldman) 
4. Why Didn't You Come? (Kaplan) 
5. Harper (Tom - Waldman) 
6. Flying (Tom/Babliki/Friedland - Waldman) 
7. Story's End (Tom/Waldman - Waldman) 
8. A Weekend's Sin (Tom) 
9. Dream's End (Tom/Meyrav - Waldman) 
10. Happy (Hamama) 
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Night Cardboard
General Information
"No More Smiles" is a result of the inertia of the energy we invested in the previous albums. The four of us - Tom, Israel, Roy and Yoav, sitting close to each other in the recording room, playing together. No fantasy in our heads, just the darkness which helped us see, and the people together - this is all we have. As written on the sleeve - it is a photograph and documentation of the band with no recording techniques - a photograph rather than a painting. "No More Smiles" does not require any effort to listen to, and can even be used as background music. Furthermore, we didnít try to make this album into a product on the shelves of the supermarkets, but rather settle with twenty copies, personally signed and numbered by us, which are the making of ourselves. In fact - a Playing lithography.
The marketing issue was left for powers beyond our powers.

For more details, ordering cds etc. please call us on the phone: 972-3-9314103
or send us an e-mail we'll be more than happy to hear from you.

Tom's True Story 1999

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